NQ Link - Android App for OmniPro II

My hunch is that a number of us who still have HAI Omni panels installed in our homes have moved onto Home Assistant. The combination of Home Assistant + OmniLink (open source) works far better than NQ Link in terms of customization. It's a steeper learning curve for sure, but worth it once it is up and running. I did purchase NQ Link, but after the fiasco invested the time into getting first an OpenHAB, then ultimately a Home Assistant setup going. 
My ask about open sourcing NQ Link is moreso around ensuring the functionality and libraries continue to exist for future connectivity to this great security platform. 
I also tried first version and HAI plugin for OpenHab and it worked well for me.  Then went to Home Assistant. 
Here using both Home Assistant OmniLink Bridge and Homeseer Omni plugins.   My touchscreens are running Homeseer Touch and OmniPro Touch.
Android phone and Windows 11 tablets are running the updated Snaplink which works fine.   Old Mobile windows also ran fine  with Snaplink.
My OmniPro 2 panel is running fine here as always.  
Always tinkering and look forward to your endeavor with NQ Link.
Sorry, but I got burned by the deceptive developer twice, and regardless of how good the application was, I'm not willing to stand at the plate for a third strike.
From my understanding,  there are a lot of users that feel the same way.  We've all moved on to other applications, which have trusted developers.
Good Luck on your venture, just hope you didn't pay too much for the code...

plofstof said:
How do you know I'm not him?  Hehe.  That is a question I never anticipated but it is a fair question I guess.  Let's see.  For one I can speak English and he can't.  If you ever mailed him you'll know what I mean.  I never knew about the active OmniPro community here on the cocoontech forum, in the past I have been most active on Homeseer forums where the OmniPro plugin is discussed (that forum directed me here, in fact).  But other than hosting a zoom session and allowing people to look me in the eyes I don't know how to prove my identity I guess trust must be earned over time.  I also fell victim to the same bait-and-switch.  Actually, I have been subscribing on an annual basis and then more recently he cancelled my annual subscription mid-term in what appeared to be an attempt to push up the price.  Which would have resulted in me losing six months' worth of upfront-paid subscription time.  Talk about greedy, he could not even wait until the next subscription renewal date.  That may be why he was banned.  But I can only speculate. Like all of you I have become reliant on the app, which is excellent, and like all of you I became super frustrated with the behaviour of the developer, which is dodgy and inexcusable. And so I decided to try and do something about it. I took considerable risk when I transferred the cash to purchase the source code, but fortunately he did honor the transaction and I have managed to get the code to compile. (That was a big "phew" moment...!) My offer to go open source remains, as per my previous post. I am not doing this for the money. I'm doing this for the functionality of my own home and that of the community. I love the OP2 system, really sad that it has been discontinued by Leviton, but hoping to get the most out of it in cooperation with the community who is in the same boat. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
Hello All and thank you for your helpful comments here. Newbie question: I was almost certainly one of the last people to invest in Omnipro 2 whole house automation before it was discontinued (new home build). It's been frustrating (I did a home with Leviton x10 + Home Manager 30 years ago, swore never again, upgraded it to Crestron, etc, etc). I am a tech imbecile. I just switched phones from a Pixel 3 to o a 6 and I can't (obviously) download the NQ Link app from the app store. The app was working fine when inside the house but no longer worked from outside. (My tech was trying to figure it out.) 3 Questions:

1. Can NQ Link be purchased from the new owner and if so, how?
2. How can I ensure remote access from my Pixel?
3. Are there alternatives members recommend?

Thank you for your support - happy to help, pay,etc.

If you still have your Pixel3, I would install an app backup app to manually move the app over to your new phone. Something like this:


You can then copy the archive file to your cloud storage, and then retrieve and restore on your new pixel6.

To access from outside the house you probably need to update the config on the app to a publically accessible IP address / port combo (also ensure your port forwarding is enabled to the Omni panel).
Apologies for my irregular posts but since I only recently registered here on cocoontech my post rate is still being throttled by the forums :)

This is an interesting question. In principle I would support the idea of open sourcing, I am a believer in the power of open source.

At the same time I must find a way to recoup the money I spent. He drove a hard bargain, and I assumed considerable risk when I made the PayPal transfer... Some nervous moments wondering whether he would take the money and run :)
(and he did actually insist on changing the terms of our deal mid-stream, which required some delicate negotiation to get out of). I was planning to charge a subscription equal to or less than what he used to charge to help me recoup the funds.

The other factor to work through is the Play Store security audits, which must keep a single developer account accountable even if multiple devs are working on it.

I think I will make this statement: if I can somehow at least recover what I paid the developer, and if enough devs in the community show interest and willingness and capacity to assist with further development of the app, I would be happy to start an open source effort on git.
Simply put, what I need to avoid is a situation where I expose the source code and cannot recoup the money I paid, only to find out that no one is interested in putting in the hard yards to assist with the development.

Can I ask that people interested in contributing either financially or in terms of development effort respond here or DM me so that I can get a sense?
How about some indication of what amount you need financially? Have you got nq link installed on you phone? What development are you addressing?
I am a great fan of the program. Thanks
So some of you may remember I posted last year to say that I have purchased the source code from the developer and I plan to re-release the software. I did not get around to doing so. Just been super busy.

And then recently a friend of mine who also uses OP2 pointed out to me that our friend the NQLink developer has managed to create a new google profile after his previous one was banned, and re-published the app on the Play Store.


Let's just say this is not (imo) the first time we have seen the developer dipping into questionable ethics.

In any event. I have decided what I am going to do in response. I am going to open-source the code I purchased. I will upload everything to Git this week and I want to encourage the developer community to improve on the app and make it available free of charge to all OP2 users. This means I have to write off the money I paid for the source code back in the day, but I am willing to do that.

Any developers on these forums who would be keen to get involved in taking the open source further, please post here or PM me.

Looking forward to a new chapter in NQLink's life. And perhaps someone can come up with a better name for the app.......
Here's another "source?", though maybe this is old news? Very strange all around.
I too was an early adopter of NQLink, had it running on Amazon Fires (he even asked me to share a video) in experimental mode, while waiting movement on Myro.
Here's another "source?", though maybe this is old news? Very strange all around.
I too was an early adopter of NQLink, had it running on Amazon Fires (he even asked me to share a video) in experimental mode, while waiting movement on Myro.
Looks like the google play link is dead and the APK will not load due to some issue parsing the package. Anyone else have any luck?

I like the Leviton Snaplink interface but its dated and has issues. I was hoping to edit and try and improve the NQlink software to keep my systems alive.