NQ Link - Android App for OmniPro II

I just reinstalled snaplink. It is still working fine. Oh well NQLink was a great app, but i just don't see the value in paying $70/year for access to it. ‍♂️
CFW said:
After seeing the posts above, I just checked my NQLink 4.4.6 lighting control and its now FUBAR. App does not recognize what lights are on or off. I can turn lights on but not off, and the app keeps crashing. 
Same situation here.  This 4.4.6 version is crashing for all kinds of functions... going into the Thermostat screen, trying to change the Security mode, etc.  The app is completely useless like this.  We need a means to revert to a previous version rather than Beta testing every change in a production release of the app.
Mine crashes on startup now. Its not even on the app store anyway. I also see theres an update for NQLink Lite. Im sure that update breaks that version too. Not surprised.
It is disgraceful that we were 'upgraded' to a version that would break within weeks.

Ha Tien Hung is a great programmer but a very foolish man. He should have simply asked for donations to continue to develop the application. I think we can all understand that this application has a limited user base and the developer has put in tremendous effort. But instead of supporting and involving his base, he has done nothing but infuriate and blackmail his biggest fans.

It is not too late for the developer to distribute the working app for free to prior purchasers and simply ask for donations.
The newest version seems to have been released weeks ago. Is this an Android OS that has broken the 4.4.6 version?
Either way, how do we downgrade to an older release? Does someone have the APK file?
Not allowed to simply post it on this forum, but there are archive sites that keep old versions you can download from there. Also, if your phone has any backup features (like Samsung cloud) then you can roll back a specific program to the older version.
I totally agree with plasman. I understand that the demand for an app for a product that has been terminated is probably next to none. However, there are a lot of HAI OnmiPro II panels still in use. I would be willing to donate to help maintain the app and would not even mind paying a reasonable monthly fee if it was announced before my once fully operational and useful app went south.
Ha Tien Hung, please figure out a way for us to get back to an earlier version on the NQLink before everything blew up, and then let us know how we can help you maintain the app.
bdAZ said:
Have you (or anyone) successfully rolled back to an older version from one of these sites?
Not successfully. I tried an old v3.x.x Snaplink II version. Got it installed, but it soon identified itself as a trial and then limited functionality to 8 devices and some other limitations. It does seem to work to change the temperature setting without crashing though so for now I still have it installed. I just want something that works... Not looking for updates and new features, just simple functionality. This old version would have been fine for me if it wasn't crippled after a short time of use. I even like the older UI better than the new 4.x.x one.
So looks like the lack of reply and all the negative reviews on the "new" app that there is no intention to fix the broken app. Its strange that a few weeks after the last app "update" it breaks again. Too much coincidence me thinks. Wouldnt be surprised if it was coded this way to force the new ransom app. There were no google updates on my phone when it started crashing so take that as face value.

@LQtechvn obviously based on feedback here and your product reviews no one is happy. Are you willing to fix this app or alternatively willing to support it for $10/yr for your original customers?
I too am a long-time purchased "pro" user, and just discovered all of this last night. I use the app maybe once a month, either when I'm outside (to turn on lighting) or just too lazy to get up off the couch(!). The app worked well, now it crashes when I simply try and select a thermostat.

Judging from the lack of complaints on this forum (why aren't there 50 people complaining? Ok, why not even 20 people complaining?), it looks like the app isn't in high demand. I'm sure app revenue is slim to none.

At the same time, we do have to recognize that as Android OS versions progress, the app will need some attention to keep it functioning. I think a reasonable annual donation would be understood by most users, say $20. We, as users, have to hope there are enough $20 donations to make it worth it to the developer for his effort; or the app will simply die.

I would like to see the developer's thoughts/response to all of this. I enjoyed the app, it worked well - and I thank him for that.
Well, I see there was another automatic update of my Omni Pro II app. I paid my the new and requires subscription fee of $1.99 to give it a try hopefully to get some functionality back. I am now on Version 4.4.8.
While some things are back to being functional I am still having issues with lighting controls. Some work some don't. 
I also tried my button function to turn on my window candles, and the app crashes.
I need to run with 4.4.8 for a day or so, but I still wish I had my old version back. I ran the app for over 2 years without a single problem until the having to pay for the app update downloaded and everything went FUBAR.
I'm OK with the $1.99 a month if the app works like is used to, but I'm not sure if I will continue if he bugs are not fixed.
I did some more testing and it appears things are working again. My version still shows 4.4.8 but the button function now works as do the lighting points I tested.
The security control and thermostats are also OK
I'm a little confused as I'm a long-time user of PRO, and never upgraded past 4.4.3.  It's was working great until yesterday. 

If I have it set not to automatically upgrade, why would it stop working?
Is LQtechvn sabotaging his longtime PRO One Time Payment Users so they'd be forced over to the subscription base? 
This is the second time he's done this!
What are the other options?