Remote Control of PC


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I am running Windows 2000 on both my Homeseer PC and MP3 PC and Windows XP on both laptops in the house. I was using RealVNC to remote into the PC's in to the two Win2K PC's. I am reformatting all the Home PC's to scale down all the unnecessary programs that are running and will need to re-install RealVNC. Any other suggestions that are better?

I would suggest looking at Radmin. When I was evaluating the different packages, Radmin was the fastest. I have been using it for years without issue and am still satisfied.
I noticed that I failed to mention that Radmin is $35 (server and client).

I checked out Kavoom and a license for two computers is $29. Cost for additional computers is $10 each. Version 3 seems to do most of the stuff that Radmin does.
I use UltraVNC at home. Not sure how good it is for business use, but works well for personal use.

Learned about it here

(and it's free)
I tried the UltraVNC an it seems to be doing the job. Much easier that running up and down stairs to the Homeseer server.

Why not just use Remote Desktop/Terminal Services? I use this to remote to my different PC's from other PC's and from my Dell Axim. Sound, local drives, everything comes over real-time, so much so I usually forget I am working on a remote computer.
Probably because us non-IT types don't know how to do it! :( UltraVNC had nice easy step by step instructions so it was easy to get working.
Yep, but you must configure Terminal Services in administrative mode. There is also a nice how-to with screenshots showing how to configure VNC, so it really is pretty easy to do. Remote Desktop is also known to screw up the local sound, which is something you don't want with a home automation server if you use TTS, etc., but there is a work around for that as well.