Something you never want to hear your computer say

Isn't that the truth. I just hope it fizzles rather than grows in strength. Good luck to you.
Thanks Rupp, I hope so too, though the latest projected path isn't coming straight for us,,, but that just means it's going towards someone else. My worst fear is that it gets into the Gulf and strengthens. Would be like last September all over again....

We are keeing a VERY close eye on it here! Went and filled the cars, did the whole canned goods, bottled water thing. All of the gas stations here are already empty. Most are, from what they say, are not expecting more gas to come in until Thursday.

I do not have a generator, but I do have two 750 Watt Inverters, and used them in the last hurricane, and they work very well! Was enough to run a couple fans, the Direct TV Tivo/receiver, 32" LCD TV, and a bunch of lamps with flourecent bulb replacements in them. (And of course my computer with a surge protector plugged into a UPS to get as steady and clean of power as possible). Ran the car for 3 days straight and only used a little over a 1/4 tank.

The CRAZIEST thing is last year, the airport was demolished here. My roomste's plane survived somehow. He was not taking another chance this year, and we went and took the wings off of it yesterday and it is sitting in between the house, and the neighbors house! I feel like sending a photo into Jeff Foxworthy for the Red Neck yard of the week! hahahaha It's strange looking out the den window and seeing an airplane!

I cant wait to see what the Home Owners Association is gonna say about this one! ;)
even tho the wings are off he should put in some stakes and tie it down, airplanes by design are very light. I'd also hang some red tape off the prop. Some idiots will sue for their own stupid actions.
Steve: That's "Kate" from NeoSpeech..

The picture was taken just as we rolled it back into place. We have since put tie down anchors in place. One on the tail tiedown, 2 on either side going through the cabin, and one on the nose wheel. The plane is going NOWHERE! If anything happens to it, it would be from somhing flying into it.

Here's a few photo's of the airport where he keeps the plane normally, after Wilma last October. You can see why he didn't want to keep it down there this time!



At least your computer didn't direct you to leave the house... <_<

I have 2 2000 watt inverters, 1 of the best investments I have made. Power goes out and I can run fridge and other devices when needed.

Puts a lot of strain on my car though... :)

Yea, a dud it is... thank God! Still raining pretty heavfy here, but I do not think we are gonna lose power this time... Yea!

Jeff Charger Wrote:

John, so you left your car idling for 2 days? I thought they would protest!

Sorry Jeff, I missed something....You thought who would protest?