Wire Type 6

I can not set wire type 6 ( 2 wire smoke detectors ) on a M1-EZ-8.

I have set zone 8 to "Fire Zone" (Def = 10)

P. S. the jumper is set for 2 Wire Smoke Detectors.

According to the manual, only zone 16 can be configured to support a 2wire smoke detector. But, the EZ8 only has 8 zones by default. Since I don't see any mention of the EZ8 supporting 2wire smoke detectors on zone 8, I don't know the right answer.

1) Add a zone expander. But that might add zones 17-31 and skip 9-16?
2) Use a 4wire smoke detector.
3) Let David enlighten us all.
Ok! It is a software bug. It is not supported in ElkRp but you can program
it manually from the keypad.. :) :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: