Help! Omnipro II making phone line noise


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Hi all! I'm glad I found this forum and look forward to helping anyone I can when I can. However, today I'm in need of help as I am not super familiar with this system. My buddies Omnipro II was working fine until suddenly one morning the alarm went off and it said power loss and another communication error(he didn't write them down. He turned off and went on about his day. The next day at 730 am again the alarm went off and it said Phone line dead and it has been going off everyday at 730 am for about 2 weeks with the same error. He called me over to help him with it, and first thing I did was check his phone. when I first pick up the phone is clear for about 1 second and than there is static for about 5 seconds and then its clear again. so I tested his phone line to the and it was fine so the phone line is not dead. I noticed, that when I take the phone off the hook the omnipro ii clicks once and that's when the line get static noise and after about 4 secs it clicks again and the phone line becomes clear again. I tested the dc voltage at the panel and i get about 49v I read on another post that it should be between 48 and 52 so I'm assuming the phone line isn't the issue. I also disconnected the phone line from the omnipro ii and that eliminated the static sound completely. Does this sound like a bad board? can anyone give me any tips on things to test on this unit? i'm very technically inclined (computer tech by trade) and I also studied telecom so I know about phone system just not too much about this Omnipro II home automation system . Thanks in advance for any help .


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Guessing this is related to a copper phone line connection going to the Omnipro panel.

If the line is clear sounding before going to the panel and isn't identical when leaving the panel then yes you probably have a hardware issue with the board. It is just a relay that seizes the phone line.
It is a very basic set up that I have never seen fail.

That said a phone line surge maybe could have damaged the relay and or other board components.

I would call Leviton support to replace or repair board as I do really know if this is a DIY project.
Here used to hear a buzzing sound on the line leaving the panel.  I rewired everything cleaning up a bit and I hear no buzz any more on my phone line that goes out of the panel.


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A common cause of static on the phone line is moisture that gets into the cable somewhere between the house and the central office.  Often, this makes it the phone company's problem and not yours.  The first thing to do is go to the network interface jack (NID) and unplug the house wiring.  Then plug a phone into the NID and listen for the static.  If you hear it, then the problem is on the phone company's end.  Call them and ask them to fix it.
If you don't hear static at the NID, then the problem is most likely on the customer side.  Then it'll require more detective work to narrow down.
One other possible cause is a damaged surge suppressor in the NID.  I've run into telephone technicians who didn't think to check them until they had eliminated everything else.


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Thanks for responding guys. I haven't had a chance to go by there again but I will this week. I should of mentioned he has VOIP from his ISP  they also do the alarm monitoring but wont service the Omni pro II system. When the phone is first
picked up you hear a split second of clear followed by about 4 or 5 secs of static and then back to clear. If I disconnect the phone line from the omni pro the line is clear the whole time. Who ever wired that up made a cluster f*** in there, It
looks super messy but it was working fine up until a few weeks ago so I didn't think that the issue was with the wiring but I'm going to try to clean it up and make sure everything is nice a snug. Is there away to soft reset it without loosing any
of the setting? Can I just Unplug the batter and the power supply and plug it back in?
He also told me he tried to have a coupledifferent alarm companies come out to setup the Omni pro options and none of the companies will touch it they tell him only the company that installed it can service it(super expensive home
theater/automation company). Does that make any sense at all or do these alarm companies just not know what they are doing?  He would much rather have a professional do it but the one time he called the automation company that
installed it he was stuck with an over 4k bill (either I'm in the wrong business or he got robbed).