Vizia RF+ / HAI OmniPro II - lighting levels


Is there any documentation out there that describes exactly how the OmniPro II changes to illumination levels interacts with Vizia RF+ devices?  I'm just getting started on my Z-Wave network of lighting controls, and I'm seeing what seems to be some inconsistencies in behavior.
I've got numerous VRMX1 Vizia RF+ dimmer modules, as well as a handful of Leviton's 4 button Zone and Scene controllers.  One of the buttons on my Zone controller is programmed with an Association that turns on/off a group of outside flood lights.  Within the Vizia RF+ Installer tool on my PC I have set specific lighting levels for the various flood lights.  When I press this button I expect the Zone controller to turn on each of the associated dimmers and set the brightness to the level I selected in the Installer tool when I programmed the Z-Wave network.  This generally seems to work, but if one of the dimmers was subsequently set to a different brightness level by the OmniPro or the up/down buttons on the dimmer itself, the Zone controller doesn't seem to push it back to the pre-set value I stored in the Association.
I realize this is likely an issue with the Leviton Zone controller (since it doesn't seem to be setting the brightness that I pre-set in the Association), but I could probably avoid the undesired outcome if the OmniPro returned the dimmer to its prior max brightness level when it was done with the timed event.  I have an automation event that has the following code:
       THEN Garage Apron Flood Lights BRIGHT 4 FOR 3 MINUTES
and it does what I would expect... turns the floods on at 40% for 3 minutes.  But after this code executes and the floods go back to Off, the dimmer has remembered that the last dimmer setting was 40%, so when I press the button on the Zone controller, these particular floods come on at only 40% instead of the full intensity that I originally wanted.
Ideally I would like the OmniPro to query the dimmer before it adjusts the lighting level and then restore the previous max brightness value to the dimmer when it's done so the next button press on the dimmer itself turns the lights on to the full brightness.
I'd like to see detailed documentation on the various OmniPro illumination commands that describes exactly how each operates with the Vizia RF+ devices.  I've experimented with Brighten vs Light Level for the Select Unit Command, and there do appear to be differences in what happens at the end of the Duration, but it's not yet clear to me exactly how these different methods of setting brightness change the values stored on the dimmer switch.  For instance, if I have walkway lights set to 30% illumination and then I run an Automation block that pushes them up to full brightness for 30 seconds, at the end of the 30 seconds they will return to 30% if I used the Bright command, but they turn completely off if I used the Light Level command.
TIA for any help with this.  I have a couple of related issues that I'll be posting questions about shortly.