Is This Computer Worth $226?

Man, it figures I would get the only lemon. My CD isn't recognizing any disks. The drive shows up fine in device manager, but just won't read any CD's.

Oh well. Oh, hey John, what are you doing with that "spare" CD-RW from your first machine ;) :D .

Hehe I fired off an EMail to Computer Geeks.
I wish I had bought more of these. What a deal. I have one in both Kids rooms and one prepared to be mounted in a cabinet in the kitchen and a spare that I may setup in the TV room.

They are so quite that I opened mine up to see if it had a fan. It does but it never speeds up much except at startup and shut down.

Sorry to hear about your CD drive. Did Geeks respond to your email?

Maybe JohnWPB will send you the CD Drive from his machine, since he now has a new DVD drive.

I received my second machine, cosmetically it looks great, but I haven't plugged it in yet, hopefully it's OK.
Yes, I can confirm it is USB 1.0 :( When I plugged in a multi card reader it warned me I had connected a 2.0 device to a 1.0 USB port.....

Sorry to hear about the drive BSR! I would have gladly shipped the one extra I had if I wasn't using it. I actually replaced the plain old CD drive in my laptop with the CDRW drive.

Emailing geeks should get a p[retty fast response from what I have seen dealing with them. They are a really good company as far as customer support goes. They will probably tell you to go look at their page and pick out a replacement drive for it.

I had never dealt with notebook drives, and it took me a few minutes to realize the replacement they sent me actually would fit in the computer :) The old one has to be removed, then you need to use the housing from that drive and put it on the new drive, as well as the IDE adapter. Then you are in busines and it will just slide right back in. I was supprised that a laptop CD drive draws it's power dirrectly from the IDE cable, and there is no seperate power attachment.
I replaced the CD with the one from my laptop and it works fine, so it proves it's the CD Drive. I will call them tomorrow as they want me to RMA the entire PC back to them.

Thanks for the tips.