Is This Computer Worth $226?


Somtimes it doesn't take much does it? :)

I don't know what I'll use the second for either, but it is so NICE!!!

e, get your finger off that DELETE button, put it on the BUY button, and you will feel sooo much better :D

uhoh, just thought of something, e, maybe you had better delete this thread before Rupp finds out about the FREE shipping! Since he ordered two more yesterday (just joking Greg)
Setup is all done and it's now driving the touch screen in my foyer. It fits neatly under a bench on that wall. No more pc in the bathroom adjacent to the foyer! :)

I need to find something else it can do; too much horsepower for just the touch screen.
Just for fun I put in an order for one and used the "Secret Savings Code" and it gave me the discount. Came up with free shipping too. I haven't actually bought it but it went all the way to the method payment page.
This thing only shows the one hard disk temp in speedfan. Has anybody tried any other utilities that may show fan speed or CPU temp?
Ok, my memory is NOT as bad as I thought it was...

Remember me saying II was sure that I read the initial ad as having a DVD-CDRW combo? Everyone had just about convinced me that I misread it. We after a couple of emails to geeks, I got a reply back stating that they are sorry for the mixup and to go to their page and select a drive that is comparable to what was offered originally. I emailed em back the drive (A standard DVD reader, slot loading for a notbook computer). I also ordered another computer with a clear statement that I ordered it after the page had changed, and understood it would only come with a CDRW drive.

I received a reply Friday afternoon:
I got your email. The drive will ship today, Fedex 2-day air and should reach you in 2-3 business days. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know.

This seems like a great company to deal with, and certainly will get more of my business in the future.


I sent a final email to them asking about an RMA for the drive that is in the machine now when I switch them out....... Here was their reply:

. It seems that the cost of shipping the cdrw drive you received back to us, would be more than it is worth, so I'm just going to have you keep it.

That truely is fantastic customer support!

PLEASE I probably do not have to even mention this, but just in case... do not take advantage of Geeks, as the ad was changed later the same day it was posted to this forum. I purchased mine shortly after the initial posting by BSR. If you purchased one of these computers after the first day it was offered, then it clearly stated that it is only a CDRW drive.
The free shipping is gone, but it looks like they're still accepting the coupon code for the reduced price.
I love and indeed they have excellent customer service all other companies should follow.

I ordered a refurbished wireless headphone set from them and it lasted for less than a half hour before it broke. No big deal as I knew it was refurbished. I sent them a polite Email and they responded in half a day saying a entire new order was on it's way and appologized for the inconvenience. They did not require me to send the other unit back since it was broken anyways.

Truely a great company to deal with and I also hope people do NOT take advantage of their kind customer support! :blink:
Just a customer support follow up.

I received the DVD Slot drive today, 2 day FedEx as I was told in an email on Friday. In the box was an invoice for $0.00 and a small not apolagizing for the mixup.
Ok, my second one just got here... It is also in really good condition, with the exception of a scratch on the bottom.

Too bad they are out of stock, it really is a great little PC for the money.