Nokia 770 Internet Tablet - $129.99


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small touchscreen internet tablet with Debian OS, only $129.99 ($150 less than amazon!). but it's on woot, so it's today only and while stocks last.
OK, I reviewed but I am not sure where I can use this in an HA project. Be nice if this could be like a wireless remote and have CQC or MainLobby on it. Is that possible?? That would be an extremely cheap solution as compared to the 1000 $ plus hand helds!
I believe there are some people who run the remote desktop client on those things and remote desktop to their CQC machine and run the interface that way (fast enough).
plus, it's open source and hackable... i'm fairly sure you could put a vnc client on there if you didn't like whatever comes with it.
dan, ok, so it COULD be used instead of a remote touchscreen from another supplier? I am VERY interested if i can use this device while sitting in the home theatre and control my HA system. am i thinking right that this device CAN do that if i have cqc or mainlobby? i will buy one if so. i have no interest in spending 1000's on a device to do this. you got me sure curious now! LOL

I believe there are some people who run the remote desktop client on those things and remote desktop to their CQC machine and run the interface that way (fast enough).
Thanks for the heads up. Ordered one to play around with to see how usable the screen is and the flexability and range. I'll probably be sorry I didn't order 2.
some one please tell me i can use this as a client for cqc or mainlobby before they are all sold !LOL. i really am clueless on the answer as far as how to do it and that it can be done for sure!!!! THANK!!!!

dan, are you confident that it can be done?
I am pretty sure several users are using the 770 with CQC already. Basically you install the linux version of remote desktop (rdesktop). jkmonroe is one of the users that comes to my mind, he hangs out in the chat room, and talked about how he is doing this without any problems. I would get one myself.
dan, you rock! ok, i am going to buy one! makes perfect sense and it appears it can do everything just like those other VERY pricey wireless remotes. if one has the software, there should be no reason to NOT have one of these! thanks again!
I have a 770 and use it with CQC. Dan is correct, there is a unix version of RDP that you have to download and install. It does work pretty well, but there are some issues. #1 is that because the remote desktop is not a official software, it does not auto connect with the wireless network. Therefore, there are times where you have to first connect to the wireless network and then start RDP to get a connection. It will also occationally drop the RDP connection. I think it falls into two categories - if you have weak network strength it might drop at random times - or if you let it go into screen blanker mode it occationally will drop the RDP connection and you'll have to reconnect.

All in all however, it is a great wireless device for use like this. Do not expect 100% reliability (I'd say I have to reconnect 50% of the time after not using the device for a long period of time - like 1 hour). But the RDP software and end result is great.

Especially at $130!
ok, i bought one. i hope if i decide to go with mainlobby it works there too, lol.
regardless, it will be a great addition for wireless access to email regardless of being able to be a part of the HA or not.
Regardless of which package you go with, look through the various CQC "user screenshots" threads on these. Folks have put in dozens of hours trying to come up screens that "flow nicely" given the limited real estate and nonstandard (800x480) resolution. May as well look through those to see if you can find a look&feel that works for you.