Is This Computer Worth $226?

Mine is in pretty good shape. It is complete, but shows a little bit of wear and tear. I was surprised that the dust bunnies were included :( I would have thought the refurb process would have gotten rid of the obvious ones.
Rupp, there is a sticker on the bottom/side of the PC with the XP Key. It's the top one, not the 1-2 Processor one, as I found out. (See attached photo, use the one highlighted in gerrn and you should be good to go)

Does anyone know why there are 2 key's on the sticker? Is one for the 64 bit XP version?

I guess it is the luck of the draw, the one I received is in new condition, opening it up there was not one spec of dust.

As I am going to be using this for a CarPC, I wish I could get my hands on a 10" Airpanel! The ones on eBay are now going for over $450!!! I have a 15" one in the living room (That I payed $180 for on eBay about a year ago) Even 10" is a bit large for in the car, but would be very nice for easy removal, or for passangers to use it on their laps ect.


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you guys are cruel lol, I should just delete this thread so I don't have to look at this great deal every day :(

edit: right above the 2nd key it says Windows 2000, so I assume you got a key for XP and Win2k, pretty cool.
Mine was spotless inside also.


Have you opened your wallet yet? :(

JohnWPB: I agree with you, this puppy is quiet!!!!

Windows updater loaded something like 37 updates. 28 critical, 9 others

Join the crowd! This thing is sweet. With 12 'puters in the house, I'm more excited about this one then even my MCE box when I brought it home.

(Of course, it could crash in the next 10 minutes, then that would take some of my excitement away.) :(
Thanks guys, the top number worked for XP. The bottom number is for Win2K. The reason it's so quite it's designed just like a laptop. The CD drive is identical to a laptop.
Ok another slight dilemma. I have a USB wireless adapter I was using on the replacement PC. I thought I could just finish the XP install and configure the USB adapter. I get to the login screen of XP and it's requiring me to register the XP install. Did you guys have to do this? Have any of you done the phone registration? Is this a valid XP license that came with these?
It had better be a valid license!

You should be able to cancel the registration; just make sure you do it later (within 30 days).
Installing Microsoft stuff, registration and activation are different. You don't have to register, but if you don't activate it will quit working.....
Rupp, I had the same thing... Chakara, thats what I would have thought... but it will NOT let you go past that screen until you register it. There is no "Register Later"

I just clicked "register by phone" called the 800# and read off the CD Key, it then gave me the numbers to enter to activate it. It is all automated, and goes fairyl quickly, other than the fact that when it reads the numbers back it sounds like a friggin robot! I would think they could have come up with a better voice for that!
Thanks John. I was just a little leery. What kind of RAM do these babies use? I have been to busy to open it up but so far so good. I wish they were a bit faster but my daughter and son are loving these.
All I did was Activate it using the Software Product key. The screen said registration was optional, so I didn't.

I used an ethernet cable for this and for hitting Windows Update, which recognized it as a valid copy.

Then I unplugged the ethernet cable, and configured the USB WiFI adapter. Works great!
If your connected to the internet it will validate for you. I wasn't connected to the internet so I have to call just to login.
OK, thanks Rupp. I have aways just plugged the ethernet cable in first, because I know I'm going to hit windows update before I do anything else.

So, I learned something new!
Dang! I love this thing. I just ordered another.

Does anyone know what kind of ram it takes, how many slots it has and how many are filled. I oboviously haven't opened it yet so I was curious.